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Dilapidation Report for Your Property

A neighbouring property about to undergo extensive renovation?

A dilapidation report is usually undertaken by people who find themselves in a position of having a neighbouring property about to undergo extensive renovation or construction work.

This can be anything from your neighbour excavating close to your boundary for the purposes of installing a swimming pool, through to major land clearing and subdivision works taking place and everything in between.

The report generally takes into account things like movement in retaining walls, concrete driveways, swimming pools, house foundations and the like.

Movement and cracks in walls is one of the most common issues that can occur.

With this pre-construction report and then the follow up on completion of works, it can be easily demonstrated what damage if any has occurred, especially using todays advanced technologies in photography and other inspection devices, it is very difficult to argue and can help alleviate costly court proceedings.

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What is a Dilapidation Report?

A dilapidation report is a comprehensive inspection and documented report of the current condition of the adjacent properties of a dwelling.

If major construction takes place near your home, the integrity of your home might be at risk.

To prevent future conflict, it is important to obtain a dilapidation report before any nearby construction or demolition job commences.

Usually, obtaining a report is only needed in a few cases where major development projects, structure demolitions and land excavations are near your property.

A dilapidation Report is a preconstruction report, designed to be compared with a following report when neighbouring construction is completed.

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