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A Simple & Cost-effective Meth Test

Meth Testing is a relatively new advent onto the building inspection scene.

The testing for “Methamphetamines” or as you have probably heard it referred to in the media “ICE”, is something you may not be familiar with.

The use and particularly the manufacture of “meth” results in property contamination.

Contaminants can easily be absorbed into building materials, fixtures, fittings and household items.

There have been reported cases of adverse effects on humans who have been exposed to the residues left behind by the manufacture and even low-level use of these drugs.

Such contamination presents a health hazard to (generally) unsuspecting occupiers and may require significant remediation with associated costs.

Meth Testing is important for landlords, homeowners and property managers to understand their responsibilities when it comes to this issue.

Our Methamphetamine Inspections involve on-site testing.

The use and manufacture of Methamphetamine/Ice has become a wide spread Public Health issue in the community.

Australians are at some level of public health risk and many are already suffering effects from the illicit operations of clan labs by from not meth testing.

Having now being fully accredited to test for these substances Brisbane Building Reports is perfectly placed to test and advise on the condition of a dwelling in relation to these chemicals.

We use an accredited test kit designed to detect the presence of any residue left from not only methamphetamine but also other common narcotics such as MDMA (Ecstasy).

A simple and cost-effective test can be carried out on its own or in conjunction with a standard Building and Pest inspection.

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