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Pest Inspection: Termite Damage Detected


Termite damage discovered during a pest inspection.

image shows wall with bubbling paint found during pest inspection from a wide view.
image shows hole in a wall with bubbling paint.

The termite damage to this wall is extensive, and it could be easily missed during a pest inspection conducted by someone who has less experience.

Bubbling paint, as seen in the photos, can be an indicator for an inspector as it can be a sign of both moisture damage and/or termite infestation. Other indicators include, but are not limited to hollow sounding walls, doors or skirting upon tapping and moisture readings on our Thermal Imaging technology.

In this particular case the bubbling paint caught my attention and upon placing my hand on the wall it was cool to the touch. In knowing there was a shower on the other side of the wall, I suspected and later confirmed a water leak, however this was not the only problem. Further investigation led me to believe termites may also be playing a part.

The first step in cases such as these is to obtain permission from the current owner to poke a hole in the wall. This revealed active termites, subsequently the owners decided to irradicate the nest. Once this was achieved, we had IMC Constructions engaged to repair the affected area. As can be seen from the photos, the infestation was unfortunately extensive, however identification and proactive decision-making by all parties made a solution achievable.

image shows wall partially ripped off to reveal extensive termite damage.
image shows wall with extensive termite damage.
image shows wall with extensive termite damage.
image shows wall with extensive termite damage.

While a situation like this can be distressing, identifying and eradicating pest infestations is essential to ensure safety and avoid future cost, especially when buying a new home. Brisbane Building Reports is committed to working with all parties involved in order to reach the best possible outcome. Contact us on 0416 184 265 to discuss booking a pest inspection or complete building and pest inspection today.

image shows wall repaired and partially painted.
image shows wall repaired and partially painted.
image shows a shower from a wide view.
image shows the floor of the shower descended from damage.
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