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Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspection

Get a pre purchase inspection before you buy a property.

Be confident you know what you’re buying.

Did you know a large amount of properties are sold with deliberately hidden defects, some of which are major structural defect?

When buying a home or unit, you should always have the condition of the dwelling checked prior to handing over the final payment or agreeing to settlement, with a pre purchase inspection.

Once you sign the contract, it is too late to go back to the vendor and complain about defects you find after settlement.

  • Detect structural issues related to the building
  • Identify safety issues that may put your family at risk!
  • Establish rectification costs for defects found
pre purchace inspection

Get Your Pre Purchase Inspection & Report Today!

Detailed, accurate and easy-to-read reports available within 12 hours.

Pre Purchase Inspection Reports for Brisbane Area

All inspections are in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.1-2007 and include a detailed inspection report.
  • A Pre Purchase Building and Pest inspection is our most comprehensive inspection.
  • Upfront pricing to ensure trust with the largest purchase you may ever make.
  • Our report will show any significant or potentially expensive problems.
  • You will receive an easy to understand report within 12 hours of the inspection.

A Pre Purchase Inspection checks for:

Major building defects such as:

  • Damage to load bearing timbers
  • Structural damage to brick work
  • Damage to roof penetrations
  • Faulty windows and doors
  • Cracking in concrete slabs
  • Cracking in internal walls

Minor building defects such as:

  • Damaged or pealing paint
  • Loose door handles on internal doors
  • Minor damage to finishing timbers
  • Cracked tiles in bathrooms and laundries
  • Minor damage to light fittings
  • Loose tap ware

Pests such as:

  • Termites
  • Lyctus Borers
  • Rodent infestation
  • Fungal decay in timbers
  • Dry rot in timbers
  • Chemical delignification in timbers

Identifying Any Significant Issues

A combined building and pest inspection identifies any significant building, safety and pest issues that may devalue the property.

Building inspections are undertaken by a licensed builder who will identify any structural defects, safety or pest issues in accordance with the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1-2007).

The inspector will access the roof void, the sub-floor as well as the entire building externally and internally.

As experienced inspectors, we tap on frames, door jams, cabinets and components of wood construction to detect the presence of weakened timber. 

Damaged timber may not be obvious or visible through painted surfaces.

We use the latest technology to help identify the presence of moisture within the dwelling.

Moisture is one of the major causes of damage to a dwelling. Moisture can create conditions conducive to timber pest attack and also lead to major and minor structural damage.

We will identify signs of water leaks from water pipes, baths and showers stalls and is high on the list of priorities.

  • Inspections use a combination of sight checking and the latest thermal technology.

About the Report

Both Building Inspection and Timber Pest Inspection in one straight forward easy to read Report (or a Pre Purchase Building Inspection for newly constructed homes).

Brisbane Building Reports undertake a thorough inspection of your new home from top to bottom.

We are required by the QBCC to undertake all of our inspections to the Australian Standards & pride ourselves in going above and beyond these already high standards.

Our chief inspector Chris uses his 40 years of Building experience and the latest thermal imaging & inspection technology to find any defects that could impact on your decision to buy.

We can take care of the timing of the inspection for you, by liaising with the agent or current owners to obtain access.

We are very happy to work in with you should you wish to attend the inspection.

If you can’t we always follow up an inspection with a phone call, giving you the highlights and sometimes low lights of what we have found.

Always rest assured “We Work For You” not the vendor, mortgage broker or Real Estate Agent.

You will always get it straight from us, that’s our guarantee to you.


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