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Why You Need A House Inspection


A Home Inspection Identifies Any Significant Issues

A house inspection identifies any significant building defects.

An Inspection Report is fast becoming mandatory by larger Banks prior to settlement.

Many home buyers forget to include a home inspection contingency on the contract.

If you are tempted to skip the home inspection to use your money for other costs (e.g. realtor, lawyer fees, etc.), you will be making an unfavourable decision.


1. Know the condition of the house. 

One of the top reasons why you should not skip a quality home inspection is because the process may reveal critical information about the condition of the home. This will allow you to know the repairs and maintenance the home may require immediately and in the future. 


2. Use it for safety purposes

You buy a new home to have a haven for your family and not to put their health and safety at riskWith a professional home inspection, you will have peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that all major components and major defects have been carefully inspected by a trained eye. 


3. Obtain insurance easily

Most insurance companies welcome building inspection reports as they contain structure type, roof type, wall type, number of room etc that they need.


4. Reveal illegal additions or installations

A quality home inspection will not reveal whether rooms, garages, or basements were built without a proper permit or did not follow codes and standards. You need to discuss these with your conveyancer or lawyer who will need to contact the relevant council building surveying department.  If the plans at the council have it has a single level 3 bedroom dwelling and what you are about to purchase is a 2 story dwelling with a bedroom and bathroom upstairs then the extension has been built without a permit. 


As a potential new homeowner, it is your responsibility to know and understand as many details as you can about the property. By including house inspections in your contract, you can figure out the inner workings of the property and discover all the perks and pitfalls the home has to offer. 


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