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Water Proofing Failure


What is water proofing failure?

A water proofing failure is a common, expensive and devastating defect that we find often in dwellings over 20 years old.

Water damage can be found in bathrooms, laundries and retaining walls due to incompetent workmanship, moving or settlement of a wall, slab cracking or penetration of the membrane by way of screws or nails.

Water proofing failures can lead to severe structural degradation of timber work, masonry walls and steel.

The tell-tale warning signs of a water proofing failure are stains in ceiling sheets, mouldy or worn carpets, blistering or peeling paint and rust stains.

Using a reliable professional to rectify the waterproofing problem is the only effective way to overcome the damage.

It is important that your building inspector can identify these issues when carrying out a comprehensive inspection of all potentially problematic areas including the subfloor, should access permit.

Strict building code standards and remarkable breakthroughs in waterproofing materials and techniques, have reduced the alarming prevalence of waterproofing fails over the past 10 years.

Engaging a qualified, endorsed, focused and thorough building inspector will ensure the identification of any concerns eliminating unnecessary stress within the settlement process.

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water proofing failure

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